Multi-tenant RES ONE Workspace environment

Recently I worked with 1 RES ONE Workspace / XenApp environment with 7 different customer environments in it. Within this environment 3 customers needed to login into each others environments. I optimized RES ONE Workspace to make this happen without any broken shortcuts or security problems. In this blog a few points to look at in this sort of situation. Workspace Containers Folder redirection Aliassen Naamgeving

iCloud calendar in Outlook

This blog is a simple manual to add iCloud calendar in Outlook. Recently a customer asked me about it so I decided to make a simple manual and share it here. Go to and login with your iCloud account. Click on Calendar. Click next to the calendar you want to add in Outlook on the share symbol. Check public calendar and click on Email link… At

DFS Design

At a customer I recently had to create a DFS design and then implement it. The customer already had a fileserver and share structure but wanted to start using DFS for replicating and HA. I created an Excel sheet to make an inventory of all the shares and a design for DFS. After that I created a PowerShell script to create the DFS environment. In the Excel

Zero Profile done right in RES ONE Workspace

Because Zero Profile is such a big topic I created a video about it. The video is in Dutch. A manual for Zero Profiling in Dutch. The Mandatory Profile GPO: Windows Components/Remote Desktop Services/Remote Desktop Session Host/Profiles Set path for Remote Desktop Services Roaming User Profile: Enabled Profile path: %RESPFDIR%\Data\DBCache\Resources\custom_resources\Mandatory Use mandatory profiles on the RD Session Host server: Enable Path for the restore application: C:\Program Files