Liquidware ProfileUnity Tool to import Registries from GPO and RES Workspace

Liquidware ProfileUnity lets you manage which registry settings users get in their session. And with context aware filters you can make sure they get the correct registry settings on the right machines. But what if you have a lot of GPO’s with registry settings in your active directory or  in RES Workspace and you’re switching to ProfileUnity (especially now the UEM market is changing)? Then

The Ultimate Golden Image Automation Guide VERSION 2.0

About a year ago I released “The Ultimate Golden Image Automation Guide” and since then I had the chance to implement the runbook at many customers. During those implementations I tweaked the Runbook a lot and I thought it was time to update the guide accordingly. So I present to you “The Ultimate Golden Image Automation Guide Version 2.0” Some of the changes:  More Automation

FSLogix Profile Containers a Quick and Easy WIN !

Many of you know that FSLogix has the best solution for combining Microsoft Office 365 and non-persistent environments, such as Citrix VDI – you can read my article about Office 365 Containers here. Although, FSLogix has another great product called Profile Containers. In this blog, I will explain what profile containers are, why it is an easy and a quick win for every business that

Cache Office 365 Outlook with Ivanti Workspace Control/ RES ONE Workspace in non-persistent environments, Building Blocks included!

As many of you know, using Office 365 Exchange Online in a non-persistent environment like Citrix XenApp can be really difficult. Because the Exchange server is in the cloud, connection to the mailbox and searching through mail is really slow. An easy way to fix this is to use an Outlook Cache file (OST). This will make a local copy of your email box in

Using Ansible as a Windows Admin with Visual Studio Code, a complete guide!

Ansible is an incredible open source automation tool. And as you might know my motto is Automate Everything! But to do so we need a good automation platform. I often use Ivanti Automation, which is awesome, but what if you want to use an open source automation tool? Then Ansible is the answer. But unlike Ivanti Automation it is not a simple Next-> Next->Finish installation